Dyno Day

Well today was Dyno Day at Neetronics… What a great turnout and lots of local vendor support and attendance from Group A, Joe from First Force, Touge Tuning, VK Innovation among others.

Crazy amount of cars and a great group of people.. Here is a quick shot of most of the cars stretching all the way to the back:

So it was time to pop the Batmobile up on the rollers to get an idea of where I am starting from before the build… I showed up just before noon and ended up with my name last on the list 🙂 Which was okay because it meant I could stick around and talk to those I know and also meet new people.

We had a couple of issues with the car. One was that I knew that I had a boost leak. Derek from Group-A was quick to track it down to the gasket between my BOV flange and the BOV itself.. lots of air rushing out of there. In the dyno vid link below you can hear it squealing like a stuck pig. Made a big difference when we got that fixed with a new gasket.

The second was that I knew I had a CEL for a low voltage on the front O2 sensor. I knew it would have an effect but as you can see from the Dyno chart below, and in the video, the car was constantly correcting itself, pulling timing and trying to figure out what the heck was going on. What a roller coaster looking curve!!!

New O2 sensor should smooth that out for me. Also at the very end, Andy at Neetronics started to ease off her a bit because it was really starting to run lean from that damn sensor.

Overall not bad numbers for a regular 16G, Pinks, WRX heads and STi Shortblock. You can check out the video of the dyno run by clicking here.

Here’s the dyno chart and a couple more pics of the car since I don’t have hardly any with the fog covers on there:


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