Deadbolt ZILLA TD06H-20G Ordered!!!

So Friday I finalized my order with Jerry at Deadbolt Enterprises on my new ZILLA TD06H-20G. I decided to go this way instead of sending my Deadbolt 16G back to be massaged into this turbo. Downtime, shipping and scheduling of the build was just going to get in the way.

So I’ll end up selling my 16G and Sti Pinks as a package once the new stuff is on.

After talking to a bunch of turbo places everyone said that the TD06-20G will be the best turbo for my setup if I am planning on running pump gas. All the other turbos that I was looking at really bring extra gain when running meth or race gas. Everyone said it isn’t worth the extra cost if I wouldn’t be running these. So I am quite happy with my decision.

Turbo should be shipped out 2nd day air next week. Here is what you get with Deadbolt’s Water/Oil cooled ZILLA TD06H-20G:
– Black Xtreme(TM) coating-turbine housing
– Grey Ceramic coating-compressor housing
– Monster Port(TM)
– Metal coolant supply lines
– Coolant supply banjo bolts
– Coolant supply banjo seals
– Oil return line with new gasket and bolts
– Stainless steel downpipe studs


Stay tuned… as soon as this guy arrives there will be lots of pictures… So far the plan is that the car will undergo its build in 2 weeks.. pending shop availablily

Plus… as a sneak peak.. there are current plans for JUN style hood modifications… both the vent at the front and the raised vent at the rear Just working through the plans for this now.


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