Group-A Updates

I was able to drop by and see Derek and picked up my Group-A goodness. So I’ve got the majority of the things I need to be able to go and get the work done on Tues-Wed of next week.

The one last thing that I am missing are the fuel rails.. it is taking some time to get the rails from Agency Power.. they went out for anodizing last week and are still on their way. So we will be going ahead with the build on Tuesday with the stock rails for now. Once the new ones come in we’ll pop them on there.

I’m hoping the weather is good for the Tuesday because I want to do the engine bay clean-up when the engine is out of there. I’ll try and take as many pictures as I can during this process as well.

I’ve seen the pictures on the Group-A website and looked at the plain and straight forward packaging for their products but man was I surprised when I opened up the boxes and started looking at their stuff. Holy crap this is nice stuff. You can really tell they put a lot of time and effort in their work. Hopefully the quality of the finish and the overall impression comes across with some of my photos because these things almost look too good to put on the car. Not trying to do a sales pitch here, but I was genuinely impressed with these parts. I’ve seen some of the other stuff out there and a lot of it basically looks like a hunk of aluminum with some bushings on them.

Pulleys: When we looked at my car, my power steering pulley is a pressed on style so we are just leaving that one on there, but I did pick up the Alternator and Crank Pulley

Pitch Stop Mount:

Short I end link:

Rear Sub Frame Locking Kit:

C end link:



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