Waiting for the return of the car

So since I didn’t have the car back to do some of my cold air box and engine cover fabrication… I decided to start some work on my other projects..

First I started off with my recessed gauge clock pod. This won’t be like the OEM one that sticks up, but instead is recessed with the hood over it. I still need the car back to check for clearances but I am hopefull that the pod won’t stick up too much at all while still giving me the visibility that I want. This will house three 52mm gauges..

The reason I will be putting the gauges up into the clock pod area is because I will be swapping this:

With this housing for my 7″ touch screen… I had to trim the screen housing and then epoxy it to the OEM trim… Just waiting for it to fully dry before priming and wet sanding.

Then I got looking at my plastic that I have for my engine bay covers and cold air box and got thinking.. I’ll have lots left over so I figured I would maybe experiment with something like this.  I think you can get the idea of what it would be used for… it would be one of 4 that would “diffuse” the air


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