The TMBLR is Back

Picked the car up tonight. Don’t really have dyno numbers for everyone yet. After doing the tuning on the Dyno Frank realized it was calibrated for its readings for a 6-speed so the numbers are off.

The car is running strong, good timing, good air/fuel ratios and it pulls like a frieght train. Frank was saying there still just seems to be something that just isn’t right in the flow and there should be some more we can get out of it… But this thing definately pulls MUCH, MUCH more than it did before.

After talking a bit more we figured it is likely the up-pipe or a clogged cat causing a restriction. Looking at the BPM up-pipe Frank said it is really wierd, it totally narrows down in one spot to like an inch and a half and it could be the main restriction in the system.

So the plan is to get the up-pipe swapped out with something better, wrap it and then get the Dyno calibrated properly and we will see what the difference is.

I’m also planning on taking the car back down to Neetronics to do some more pulls to compare apples with apples based on my first baseline pulls.

Stay tuned for more…


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