Up-Pipe and Fuel Rails Arrive

I’ve had some of the final pieces to the puzzle here for a while so I thought I would take the opportunity to snap some pictures of the items before they go on the car on Wednesday. The guys down at Budd’s Subaru are helping me out to get these on the car in time for the Dyno Day meet at Neetronics this Saturday.

So I should have some dyno charts by the end of the day Saturday to show what the car is now putting down. There will still be some tweaking after this Dyno day, but it should give an overall good impression of the gains.

Here are some shots of the Grimmspeed up-pipe.. I can’t wait to get that old one off the car and this new one in place. As usual the quality of the work on this up-pipe is second to none. To make it the same as the rest of my Grimmspeed stuff, it was given the black thermal coating treatment.

And the Agency Power fuel rails finally came in. Joe at First Force Performance was great in keeping me up to date with the latest status news from Agency Power for these guys. They took a long time for Agency Power to ship out to Joe, but Joe was there to ensure things went smoothly.


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