Digging In

Did some more work this morning.. Damn that was cold in the garage!! Here is the before picture:

Then I took the fender off and pulled all the wires out… You can also see a little ABS plastic box that I am thinking about using to hide some connections. I’m not sure if I will need it or not. I will likely create a plastic cover cut to shape for the battery tray to clean it up.

I then pulled the catch can out of there… the current plans are for the catch can and the coolant reservoir to go where the AC compressor currently sits.

And where-O-where did the wires and fuse box go?

They are dangling there for now. I had to go back inside and get warmed up. I was checking out the wiring harness in the fender and there is a ton of slack that is all bunched up near the drivers side door. I’ll be cutting those zip ties and pulling that wiring harness out to its length so that I will have some slack for re-positioning the fuse box.

I think for now I will likely leave the two main harness plugs for the engine where they are until I pull the AC and do the Intake manifold swap. That way I will have more access to the wiring harness once the manifold is pulled.


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