Fuel Fittings and Alternator

The fuel filter/lines/an fittings came in.. Man that fuel filter is small!

Then I decided to take apart the spare alternator so that I could paint up the casing. I’m glad I had this one as a spare because I destroyed it LOL.. everything was seized so I ended up drilling out some of the screws. It took me all afternoon to get this thing apart. I had the freaking impact gun on the pulley nut for what seemed like forever.. I also hammered out the bushing that is used for the AC compressor to connect to it.

I think I will be taking my existing alternator to an alternator build shop and have them switch the casing once I have it painted so that I don’t screw it up

Started with this…

Ended up with this:

And will be painting the casing with gloss silver and the band on the outside of the wrapped wires with the black. Much like Neil did with his build.


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