Engine Bay Panels

Instead of shaving the entire engine bay, welding, filling and re-painting, I’m going to be attempting to create panels that will cover up the sides of the bay that will give the same shaved look.

Hopefully I can start to mock-up the panels in cardboard tonight.. I have attempted to draw the lines in a somewhat perspective view. I needed to get the AC lines out of the way so that I could start to make my templates. Now that I ripped them out yesterday, we should be good to go

The idea is providing panels that will look smooth and cover up the nastiness of the battery tray, the holes etc. While also providing “channels” for hiding the wiring harness with the least amount of wire extension and tucking. This should keep the margin of error of a wiring mishap down but still clean up the engine bay. The goal is to have each side of the engine bay have a one piece panel that will cover both the bottom and side for a cleaner look that two panels for each side.

The idea is that the bolts for securing it to the fender wall will be counter sunk and covered over. They will use existing holes in the fender and then washers and bolts will be attached from the outside.

I am going to be using that little plastic box for a distribution block of the Positive battery terminal where it will connect to the 4gauge wire going back to the battery in the trunk. It will all be hidden under the panels. it will pop up into the plastic box through the circle in the battery tray.

Keeping the panels up on top of the battery tray should provide clearance for wiring to run underneath it.

At least, that is the plan



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