Blow Off Valve Mount

As a quick update before getting into the BOV mounting discussion, I did a little bit of mock-up in cardboard tonight and quickly realized it wasn’t going to give me the smooth lines that I am after.

So I’ll likely be switching to creating a frame and stretching polyester felt over it and hitting it up with some fiberglass…. then the usual of sand.. sand.. sand. I’ll likely join it up with some ABS plastic sheets for where I need the straight flat panels.

I’m thinking about having a new mount fabricated for the BOV and get a new pipe bent for where the old BOV outlet is. It just looks really weird mounted to the spot where the existing flange is and I would like to move it to the new spot. The idea would be a flange with some bolts welded into it so I could just secure it with a couple of nuts.

Wanting to have it all done in stainless steel.

Firewall is already starting to look better with all that AC crap gone off of there. Now that those hoses are gone there is room for me to mount the fuel distribution block up on top of the pitch mount bracket.

I also temporarily stuck the emblem where it will be going. I’ll make a nice little surround covered in Carbon fiber to mount to this spot. I figured I would stick it there to see what it looked like. I’m hoping to have a bunch of time this weekend to try and get some more done.


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