Wires, Wires and More Wires

Started to pull some of the wiring harness apart. The idea is that I am taking the wires that go to the engine harness (the one attached to the intake manifold) and run them up through the windshield wiper area. I’ll drill a couple of holes and pop some grommets in there. The wires will be tucked away at the bottom of the firewall and hook up to the harness at the back of the engine block.

That way there will be no wire connections on the drivers side of the engine bay. The extra slack that was in the wiring harness should do the trick for the fuse box relocation.

I’m also going to run the positive terminal off of the starter back through the same way where it connects to the fuse box. The wires that go from the fuse box to the Alternator will be lengthened and re-routed this way too.

Hopefully all the wires will then be tucked under the intake manifold so you can’t see them.


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