Some more Tucking

I was able to get a little bit more done on the car today. Picked up some more zinc plated flange bolts to replace the rusty crappy ones on the car. Still have a few more to do.

I ordered some -10an braided hose to go from valve cover to valve cover. I also ordered some black Russell hose ends/clamps to give a nice AN finished look where the new braided hose connects to the valve breathers. For most of the other hoses I will be going with a gloss black silicone instead of braided lines so that they will kind of disappear. I think with the amount of hoses that are visible on my car it would look like stainless spaghetti if I went braided 🙂

I want focus to be on the polished pieces on the engine instead of the braided hoses.

My Project mu reservoir caps also showed up. Thanks to D Money for the hook up on these

I took the existing engine wiring harness and cracked it open to re-route the wires. I then re-wrapped it all nice and fresh. I’ve made it so that the only wires that hang down on the side of the valve covers are the wires going to the coil packs. Can’t really tuck those!!

When I re-wrapped the harness I made sure that the wires were routed so that the harness plug would be at the back of the engine. This will meet up with the wires that I showed in the previous picture that I will route through the wiper area. All the wires “should” reach without me having to lengthen anything. I’m planning on routing the front fuel rail lines under the manifold as well so that the sides of the engine are much cleaner looking. That blue braided fuel line just gets in the way.

And the grounding point that used to connect to the top of the manifold will end up going to the main engine grounding point instead.

I started in on the passenger side but didn’t get too far on it. On both sides I removed the TGV plugs, since I have TGV deletes, which helps clean things up. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some more done on the passenger side. I’ll snap some pictures to show how I will be routing the wiring harness over to where it plugs into the passenger side harness. It should all be hidden by my intake… or at least that is the plan

I still have to figure out what I want to do with the harness going across the top of the engine block. On the OEM manifold it is suspended in the air on a tray bolted to the manifold. I’m not sure if I would have any problems if I just let the wrapped harness lay on top of the engine or not. I don’t think it would melt the wire loom.. Thoughts?


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