Making some Headway

I’m starting to make some more progress. I finally have the harness from the front of the car that goes behind the headlights and under the rad taken care of. The ABS plug has been deleted as well. It’s taking crazy amounts of time just standing there staring at the engine bay looking for routes and trying to be smart about how it all goes. My fingers are numb from peeling away old harness wrapping

I apologize in advance for the lighting of the pictures.. that is what I am working with in the garage.

It still looks like chaos, but you can start to see some of it taking shape

All the wiring is now gone from around the ABS unit. Man there is a crap load of wires that go into that thing. Now the unit is all set to just get lifted out of the car and have the lines re-routed.

Wiring is now all gone from the drivers side headlight as well. I’m likely going to re-route the hood latch cable to. I just haven’t gotten around to that yet.

You can also see where I am going to be mounting the Forge coolant tank, but I’m using my stock one for a mock-up for now. I’m likely going to have some AN fittings welded to the coolant tank so that I can run AN lines to the rad, overflow bottle and turbo.

I have a crazy idea on where I’ll be mounting my power steering reservoir. I’m going to mount it on top of the engine. It will be sitting on the firewall side of the intake manifold on the drivers side. I’m going to have to fabricate up a bracket for it to sit in there, but I think it will fit. I’ll be welding on an AN fitting to the power steering pump for the feed line with a 90 degree bend so that the line will run back to the reservoir. It should match nicely with the high pressure braided line going to the steering rack.

I don’t want anything at all on the sides of the engine other than the intercooler piping that I will be having done.


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