Ripping out more Stuff

I made some more progress this morning. The girls went out shopping so I was able to dig in. I was able to do the following:

– Depressurize the fuel system
– Get rid of the stock fuel filter and bracket
– Re-route the drivers side fuel rail hose to go under the manifold
– Disconnect the power steering reservoir
– Disconnect the power steering pump and tie back the lines so they are out of the way
– Got loopy off of fuel fumes 🙂

I was able to find some aluminum that I will be using to make a bracket for my fuel distribution block on top of the pitch mount. It looks like it will do the trick quite nicely.

I’ve also been playing around more with the Power Steering reservoir bracket to see how I will be able to mount it where I want. I think I’ll have to tap some of the holes that are on the block and re-use some of the existing threaded areas.

I’m not that familiar with how those Power Steering lines connect into the rack but I’ll have to get the car up on jack stands before I tackle that job. First step is getting the reservoir mounted so that I know how many feet of braided line I’ll need.


I’ll try and pick up another work light to hang above where I’m working. You can never have too much light

Full engine bay shot.. you can see my ghost friend that helps me.

Tucked the fuel line under the manifold.. I’ll end up doing the same on the passenger side:

Bye Bye big ugly fuel filter:

This is where the power steering reservoir will be going:

I’m thinking that after I get everything in place and all the intercooler piping the way that I want it, I’ll likely get some new fuel lines made up. The lines I have now are just way too long!!


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