Another Update

I definitely will be making up some new braided lines with AN fittings for the fuel system. The lines I have now are just way too long and aren’t going to route the way I want them to. I’ll need to make some up after I get all the intercooler piping figured out. So I ripped out the fuel distribution block and lines this morning. Man.. does that ever give me a bunch more room to work around in there. Those damn lines were always getting in the way.

Now that I have the fuel distribution block disconnected, I can start looking at creating my aluminum mounting bracket for it to sit up on the pitch mount

I also was able to rotate and trim the coolant lines going to the firewall this morning. That way they will be tucked down more for where I intend to run the intercooler piping.

After talking with my local race shop, I’ve also decided to stick with the OEM fans instead of going with the Mishimoto shroud and fans. Frank warned me against getting some after market ones because the OEM ones are so good and reliable. I’m guaranteed not to have any cooling issues no matter how or where I drive the car with the OEM ones.

So I decided to give the OEM fans a little flare where they attach to the rad (see below)
I’ll end up taking the fans back off again and give them a good scrubbing before I fully re-assemble. I just wanted to see if the fasteners that I had would work.


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