New Parts have Arrived

So some new parts arrived today. The Forge coolant tank and the Agency Power turbo inlet pipe. Which first created a sense of panic because I was like WTF!! this intake pipe doesn’t fit. Then I took a look at the APS turbo inlet pipe installation instructions and popped on the old intake manifold to see that it actually attaches to the OEM intake manifold. I was trying to figure out how to make it fit between the TGVs and the power steering pump.

Turns out it isn’t supposed to fit in there, instead rest on top of the power steering pump and hang from the intake manifold. So I put it in place and put the Magnus intake manifold back on there and it actually pins it in place so that it sits nice and solid in there. So I was feeling much better

I also reversed the flow of the intercooler piping. You can now see that the cold side comes in from the drivers side and the hot side goes over the turbo. I still have a bit more to do on the passenger side piping but it looks like it will work.

I also am now going to put the power steering reservoir where the AC compressor used to be, and the coolant reservoir over where the BOV is.

When you look at the pictures below just picture a nice polished alternator, turbo heat shield, BOV and intercooler piping.

One of the added benefits of the way that the hard turbo inlet pipe installs is that it leaves a nice gap under it and where the radiator hose attaches to the engine. This will give me a great little tunnel to tuck my wiring. I was worried about having to run the wiring over top of the intake.


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