Mounting and Tweaking

I headed out the garage this morning, cranked up the Billy Talent, and got to work

First order was to create a mounting bracket for my fuel pressure regulator. I had some stock aluminum kicking around so I started to work with it. The idea was to make a bracket that would hold the FPR above the pitch mount.

I had to trim some of the FPR bracket to get it to fit with what I wanted to do, but in general it turned out pretty damn good. I just have one more hole to drill to put a bolt at the top of the bracket going into the wiper area.

I’ll end up getting the bracket polished to a mirror shine with the rest of my stuff.

I then set my sights on finishing up the intercooler piping mock-ups. I finished up the pipe that goes over the turbo and then PVC glued everything together. Damn that glue set fast!!! Like 3 seconds fast!!

I also cut both sides so that the silicone coupler would be connecting in the same spot on both the passenger and drivers side. This connection, and the one to the U connections going to the intercooler, should give enough relief for any engine vibration.

I also found a new place for the BOV that cleans up the tops of the intercooler piping and also gives some more balance to the drivers side of the engine bay. It also gives some more freedom on how I can position the coolant reservoir.

I’m hoping to take the pipes to the exhaust bending shop on Monday to see what they can do for me.


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