FINAL.. Mock-up of Intercooler Pipes

I have run these damn pipes every which way under the sun. Now I have settled on what I want to do. Running the pipes this way gives me symmetry and also allows me to run the ABS unit in there (but the ABS is still getting ripped out). This is important to me because I’m not ripping out the ABS myself, my speed shop is. So I need to be able to get the car to the speed shop without having to have two sets of intercooler pipes.

Drivers side and Passenger side both have:
– 1 x 90 degree bend
– 3 x 45 degree bends

I know that the cold side runs over the turbo, but it was like that before I started this project so I am no worse off

I wrapped the pipes with duct tape so I could better see what it will look like.

You can also see where I’ll have a mounting plate welded on for the BOV in the pictures below:

I think this week I’ll start talking to some powder-coaters on getting the rest of my stuff finished. I’m also leaning towards getting a new Power Steering pump that doesn’t have a press on pulley so that I can run Unorthodox polished pulleys for my Alternator and Power Steering.

I figure if I already have it tore apart, I might as well do it up right.


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