Battery and Power Steering

Had another good day today. I managed to finish off my battery tray in the trunk. I have a nice 100amp breaker that I’ll be using to make a quick switch so that I don’t have to disconnect cables, just flip a switch

I have some plans for some junk in my trunk, but you will have to wait and see. The fuel filler cap is a bit of a teaser. BTW, I have 3 more of those caps if anyone is looking for some.

I was also able to finish up my power steering tank mount as well as my wiring for the alternator and the lead coming off of the starter to the fuse box. I’ll end up having the bracket polished and some -AN fittings welded onto the tank

I drilled and tapped the PS tank tabs so that I can just fasten it onto the bracket without a nut.

I was also able to put a new barbed fitting on the turbo for the coolant line and picked up some more coolant lines for under the intake manifold. I managed to order some new black silicone rad hoses today too.


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