Mocking up the Engine Panels

I made some more progress today. Finished running the 4 gauge wires to the trunk for the battery re-location, finished some grounding points and the removal and re-install of the back seats and trim.

My Dad was down so we tackled making some templates and completed some initial work on the panels that will eventually cover the sides of the engine bay. These panels will all be covered with fiberglass as well as the wheel well arches and the strut towers. They will all be one piece that will be held in place by the strut tower bolts, fender bolts and one bolt on the frame.

Once I have them all fiberglassed I’ll be paying a visit to Vince to have them covered in carbon fiber. The hole in the pictures below that is on the side simply needed to be cut out to make the piece sit flush on the side. It will be fiberglassed over top of so that there will be no holes on the sides.

I’ll also be able to use the same templates and plastic for the passenger side. We made sure that there was going to be enough room under the panels to tuck away some of the nasty passenger side wiring, boost control solenoid etc. so that both sides will be symmetrical.

On the drivers side I’ll also be cutting away the washer bottle holder brace on the wheel arch and the two mounting points on the strut tower. These will all be covered in CF.

Now enough gabbing and a couple pics to get a glimpse of what it will end up looking like

It fits up nice and flush to where the headlights come in. I’m using some Styrene plastic to use as a stable flat base for the areas that need to be flat.


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