Engine Panel Clean-up

I was able to clean the panel up a little bit. I finished a couple of coats/sanding of body filler and short strand for shaping.

There will still be some work to get it looking right. As well I will need to add a section on the bottom so that it comes down and meets the frame along the engine and provides a tab to bolt onto the frame.

I forgot just how messy and itchy body work was 😦

I also have one of these for both sides once I’m done

After looking how solid things are held in place and how the fender lip will hold the panel in place all along the drivers side edge, I think I’m going to cover up the bolts from the strut so that it is just one smooth piece across there with just the bump for the dampener adjuster.

So there will just be 3 bolts holding it in place along with the pressure of the fender all down the drivers side.

These will be the connection points for the bolts:


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