Fun with Fiberglass

As a quick FYI, I’m actually not going to glue the panels into the car.. they will be removable. The threads above the nuts for the struts actually stick up enough so I can put 3 new flange nuts to fasten it on the top. I’ll also be using a bolt on one of the threaded holes on the strut tower where the stock fuel filter used to be attached.

Then I’ll have it connected by the two fender bolts. One at the top of the fender near the wiper cowl, and one where the hood strut attaches. I’ve wrapped the fiberglass around on top of this area.

Then there will be one tab that reaches down to the threaded hole on the chassis down where the ground wire’s located near the rad.

This should give it lots of wiggle room as the chassis flexes. It actually floats above the battery tray and gives an area to hide items. the amount it floats is the same height that I will need on the passenger side so that I can tuck the harnesses and boost solenoid out of view.

The panel managed to pop out fairly easy.. I had to do a bit of trimming, but overall pretty good.  Now to do some smoothing, some fitting and re-enforcing


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