More Hoses

P&L power steering line came in…. Now I just need to get that -10AN fitting welded onto the power steering pump feed line and I can get the Power Steering pump re-installed and the lines run.

I also managed to get all of my braided fuel lines cut for the -AN fittings. Hopefully the fittings will be on and lines installed on the car this week.

Oh.. and my shiny spectre hose end.. another one is on order for the connection point on the motor and a few smaller ones for various coolant lines. I had to trim the fan shroud a bit to get it on there.

Here are some more pictures of the hose ends. They have a removable end on them that you put over the part that the hose pushes onto. You push the hose on as far as it will go and it pins the removable end so that it will not move.

Then you tighten the clamp and then push the cover onto the removable end. You really have to push. This holds it on nice and tight with no wiggling or jiggling

I need to straighten mine out so it lines up with the cover.. but I still have to remove the hose again to tighten on the power steering pump bracket so I’ll do it then.


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