Drivers Panel Sanding

I was able to spend a couple hours on the engine bay panels today. They’re pretty much where I need them to be for “smoothness” before I have them laminated with carbon fiber. You can see that I have drilled the holes and fastened the bolts in place where they connect to the car. The panel slides in and out beautifully!!

They’re all 80grit smooth now. I just have a bit of work to do near the inside/top of the strut and I also need to make the section that will reach down from the panel to the frame beside the valve covers.

Here are some shots of today’s work:

I still have a bit to trim off of the panel before I put the section on that reaches down to the frame. There’s a bit of an overhang on there now that I need to take care of. You can see it marked with the line.

I created the template for the section that will reach down to the frame out of cardboard. I’ll cut this out of plastic and construction glue it to the panel. Then I should just be able to smooth out the radius with some body filler where it turns down to the frame and we’ll be good to go:

Tomorrow after work I’m heading over to a club member’s house to put together my fuel/PS lines (-6 AN fittings, -10 AN fittings and braided lines)

I’ll also be dropping off the parts that need some finish welding for the -10, -6 weld on bungs.

Things are getting closer!!!


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