Painted Drivers Panel

I made a BUNCH of progress yesterday!!!

I took the advice of others and extended the panel to cover more of the strut tower. I couldn’t get all the way back but I did get it to go back a fair bit. The tricky part was that there is a bulge at the top of the tower so you can’t just slide something slim enough town over the tower…. it gets blocked by the bulge.

So I did a little engineering on the panel and I think I made a good compromise. The panel is all finished now and painted black. It needs to be painted black because when you put the Carbon Fiber cloth on it, some of the material below it will show through the weave.

It’s sanded down to about 80 grit right now which is good enough considering all I’ll be doing is spray gluing the CF cloth onto it. I actually probably did a nicer finish job on it than I needed to but oh well.

I’ll let the paint cure for a day or two before I attempt to glue the CF cloth onto it.


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