Polished Valve Covers

Here are some pictures of the Valve Cover polished BLING installed with all new hardware

Everything was going great.. I finished up everything and was tightening the last bolt. It just wouldn’t seem to snug up… and then it happened…

Sheered the bolt off 😦

From Here:

I haven’t had a chance to take the valve cover back off again to see if there is a stub that I can get some vice grips on, or if I will have to trill/tap the hole…. Good Times!!

I also did a quick paint job on a radiator shroud I had laying around. I figured I would use it as my guinea pig to see what it was like to laminate with Carbon Fiber… I’ll try and glue on the cloth tonight to see how it goes.

I also used the hole saw to make my hole in the lower intercooler piping for the BOV and used the wire brush attachment to clean up all the seams for welding. That should save Frank a bit of time.

I dropped the pipes off at Fourstar and should be picking them back up again EOD tomorrow. Then they are headed to the polisher’s on Wednesday.


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