Passenger Panel Sanding

Well that was one hell of a hot day to do fiberglass work (95F + Humidity)

I had the day off of work so I tried to get as much done as I could. I was visiting relatives for the weekend.

But the drivers side panel is ready for the two top strut tower pieces to be glued on and the aluminum rail for the bottom piece.

I managed to get the car up on jack stands today too. I had to pick up a new floor jack so that I could get under the car to the right spots, but I wanted to get a decent one for a while now anyways.

Tonight I have the following I’m hoping to accomplish:
– Glue panel pieces
– Load up rims for new rubber tomorrow
– Fix my one fuel line
– Finish my starter wiring
– Take my first stab at the Carbon Fiber work

I’ll be picking up my nice shiny intercooler pipes tomorrow at noon too!!


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