Working into the Night

Man.. am I ever starting to get exhausted!! Working all day and then working late into the night the last few nights.

I need to get the car mechanically sound to flat bed over to Kyle at Budd’s Subaru tomorrow morning so that they can give it a once over and bleed/burp everything and cross my fingers.

Tonight I need to finish:
– tighten down the manifold
– tighten one last fuel line
– tighten one last coolant line
– connect valve breathers to intake
– run/flare/bend drivers side brake line with T to passenger side
– connect starter wires
– fix trunk latch so that I can open the trunk and hook up the battery (trunk is stuck closed)
– create throttle cable bracket.. last nights attempt went sour
– re-attach fenders/fender liner/lights/bumper/wipers/cowl

Here are some pictures of the last two LATE nights..

Brake lines are run up through the wiper cowl…

Fun with the line flaring tool…

I added a SSBC rear proportioning valve so I can adjust my bias now that the stock proportioning valve is removed.

And here are some pictures with pretty much everything in place. I’ll be working on the panels after I get this biotch off to get started up


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