Up and Running, Visiting her first car show

Well the car got put together, and the paint was still drying on the passenger panel as I was putting it on.. but the car is up and running.

The brakes are still a bit mushy. We think I need to do a reverse bleed to get the air out of the high spots. Hopefully that does the trick.

Fired the car up this morning and there was smoke billowing out from the thing when it warmed up. I was crossing my fingers that the smoke was from the previous oil leak that got down on the headers and the up-pipe wrap.

That damn valve cover bolt that sheered in the head had caused a bunch of grief. Good thing I was able to drill it out and back out the broken bolt. She is all sealed up and good as new.

I put the water hose in there and washed/sprayed everything down and she was good to go :thumbsup:

I still didn’t have that much confidence with her to take her all the way across the 401 with those mushy brakes to the show at Mosport, so I went down to the JRP TASR show and picked up Best Subaru Elite

Of course on the way down there, I stopped to pick up some cash, get back to the car and the battery is dead. Not that big of a deal so I called up CAA. The crappy part was that my trunk cable is whacked and I couldn’t pop the trunk for the boost since the battery is in the trunk… So I had to remove the rear seats and pop the trunk.. Good fun in the Royal Bank parking lot, and good thing I packed a mini toolkit with me

Looks like my alternator isn’t pumping out that much juice.. it was 12.8 volts that the CAA guy measured. I’ll have to get that sorted out. Plus I think I’ll rig up some posts in the trunk in case I need another boost after I get my audio equipment in there. But first thing is to fix that freaking trunk cable!!!

Now tonight.. I will REST… crappy part is the power flicker from the Thunderstorms popped my cable box and it is dead.

A fairly eventful Sunday


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