Starting with Carbon Fiber

OK.. I was able to get started today.. I pulled the panels out of the car and made the templates out of fabric so that I had something to go by…

Since I am just covering the panels and not making molds, I will be gluing the CF twill onto the fiberglass. I’ll be airbrushing with a candy black where the seams of the fabric meet so that you won’t see the joints

Below you will see my template making. Then I cut out the CF based on the template, applied the glue to both the area to get the cloth as well as the back of the cloth and laid it on.

I quickly realized that I’m going to need a second set of hands to finish this off, so I just did the one piece today. One nice side effect is that when you let the glue sit on the cloth for about 30 seconds it makes it so that it will not unravel. It makes it much easier to handle.

After everything is glued, I’ll be applying a couple of coats of crystal clear epoxy resin on top.. Then sand it down smooth, polish and then airbrush and clear coat

This is similar to how the surf board guys do it too.


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