Engine Panels Painted

I was able to get more done today than I thought.. I actually had to re-build the one area near where the turbo is. The plastic used as a base had started to warp from the heat.

So I recreated it out of fiberglass so that it wouldn’t warp again. I managed to get everything smoothed out and shot with primer.

Then I thought of something that a couple people have said who have seen my car in person since I did the panels. Their comments were to paint the panels the same flat/textured color as my exterior. It would give even more of a “shaved” look and would also really set off the polished pieces in the engine bay against the flat backdrop.

Well, I did just that

It might be a bit hard to keep clean, but we’ll see how she holds up. I also painted my “info stand” for use at car shows. Now I just need to whip up a sign in Gimp 🙂


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