ImportFest Car Show

Well… it’s the day after the biggest car show in our area…. ImportFest

The car had a great showing and I couldn’t have asked for a better location and setup for the car. It had lots of space around it compared to the rest of the cars and kind of looked like it was on a display of its own since it was separated from the rest of the cars. Located right in the middle of the show setup on the carpet that I brought in with me and my new mod sign.

I always love answering people’s questions about the car, seeing their reaction and watching everyone come up and touch the paint because they can’t figure out what the hell it is

When it was all said and done I came away with:
– Top Impreza
– Top Subaru
– Best Paint
– Meguiars Polisher
– $400 in prize money
– A great time talking to people who love and appreciate cars

There were a gazillion pictures of the car taken, so I’m sure they’ll start surfacing soon. I didn’t bring the camera because I figure I’ve already taken enough pics of the car

I was also able to talk to the folks at and we were able to setup a time for my photo shoot that I won at a previous show. So we should have some great new professional pics of the car around the end of this month.

I think I’m going to have a tough time 3-peating next year when Wayne rolls in with his beast 🙂


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