Disaster Strikes!

Well.. it looks like the engine bay needs to be re-constructed again. Unfortunately some thieves popped my hood, and stole pretty much everything they could get their hands on. My front bumper was off the car as I was prepping it for paint so that means the FMIC went as well.

List of things stolen:
– Boost gauge
– EGT gauge
– Custom Intercooler Piping
– Magnus intake manifold
– Throttle Body
– Fuel Pressure Regulator
– Agency Power polished turbo inlet
– KS-Tech Big MAF, MAF, Filter
– Forge coolant overflow tank

List of things damaged:
– Fuel Lines
– P&L Power steering line
– Cut wiring harnesses
– Fuel lines
– Coolant hoses

Let the re-building journey begin… Just when I want to spend time working on my Batmobile, I have to re-build the scooby

You can see what the engine bay “used” to look like a few posts up. Now I’m back to the drawing board thinking about how to bring the car back to life. I haven’t been able to drive the car much at all this summer

2012 Year in Review:

  1. Break-in tune finished early summer
  2. Starter fries
  3. Welding up shaved holes on trunk
  4. Start to do some body work to get fresh coat of paint
  5. Clutch goes
  6. Thief steels parts

Not the best year for my scooby. This is how I felt when I opened the hood of my car:


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