Manifold Modification Completed

I was able to finish off the 2.5 rs intake manifold tonight.

Cleared everything off the manifold except for the couple vacuum lines that I’ll need for my brake booster, fuel pressure regulator etc. This should look pretty cool polished up and replacing my TGVs.

I’ll also have to drill and tap some new holes for the throttle body. Since I have a 73mm throttle body now, I’ll bust out the die grinder and open up the inlet to match

There are 4 holes to weld up and smooth out. I’ve probably spent 5 hours on it so far.¬†This is what the 2.5 RS JDM manifold looks like with all the junk attached to it

After clearing off all the bolt on pieces you end up with something that looks like the following:

After two and a half hours of cutting and grinding you end up with something that looks like the pictures below. You can see where I started grinding off the lower runs that end up going to a tube that sticks up right in the center of where the inlet is.

After another two and a half hours the following night I ended up getting it all finished. There are a couple holes that will be patched/welded and then ground down smooth. Once all the test fitting is done it will go out to the polisher

I left the two threaded tabs on the bottom because they line up with where the throttle body cable will need to run. I figure these will make good mounting points for a bracket holding the cable on the bottom of the manifold.



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