Back out of Storage

Finally the car is back out of storage.  This winter has been a long one and I’m glad that it’s finally starting to warm up again.  As you can see the car needs a little bit of work 🙂

I was in the middle of fixing up some of the body work last summer before the car’s clutch failed, and then all my parts were stolen off the car.  I literally drove the car back from the shop into storage last year at the end of November.

Looks like it wasn’t the bulbs that were out. I’ll have to pull the front bumper and check all my connections and fuses.  Weird thing is that the high beams and signals work, but not the low beams. If it does get up to 15 tomorrow I should also be able to finish one of the needed fiberglass repairs and possibly a little bit of body work. I also need to pick up a few nuts for the rear bumper, but I’ll likely wait until I’ve finished the rear body work before putting it back on.

I was also able to do a little bit of work with a hammer and dolly to fix the area below the drivers side door handle where they tried to pop it off with a screwdriver.  It will need a little bit of body filler to get it perfectly straight, but I’ll likely either need a new door handle or fix something inside the door.  Not sure yet until I pull the handle off.

My COBB AccessPort speed density tune should be happening in a couple of weeks which will make the car idle a lot better and also achieve the top end from the new turbo.


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