Tightening up the Engine Bay

One of the things I want to do when I get the Speed Density tune done with the COBB AccessPort is also tighten up the passenger side of the engine bay.  Currently it looks a little lob-sided with all the intake and piping on the passenger side.

Goal is to tighten up that piping so that it’s closer to the engine itself leaving more room between the outside wall and the engine.  I was able to find a picture of another Subaru engine bay to show what I mean.

Goal would be to then tuck the power steering braided line underneath the intercooler tubing so that you wouldn’t see it as much either.

I’ll be likely using the built in air temperature capability of the MAF sensor for the speed density tune. I’m hoping that if I’m just using the air temperature aspect of the sensor, that I can spin the intake tube around so that the sensor is at the bottom and isn’t showing when you’re looking at the engine bay.

We’ll see how this all works out.. sounds good in theory 🙂


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