A few hours of body work

With such great weather today I had to get out there and do some body work on the TMBLER.  It’s been in rough shape ever since those damn thieves did their work on it.  Of course, right before that happened, at the end of last summer, I was right in the middle of fixing up some body work on the rear of the car so that I could give the car a fresh coat of paint and have it appraised.

So today I got most of the drivers side body work completed.  All of the rear quarter panel is smoothed out to 200grit and there’s a couple spots left to finish up on the front and rear door.  But overall a good 3 hours or so of filling and sanding.  Those DuraBlock sanding blocks worked like an absolute dream, making short work of the sanding.  I honestly don’t know how I lived without them before.

I also had a chance to get started a little bit on blocking down the passenger side.  There was a lot of work to sand down the Norton adhesive and I’ll start in with the body filler tomorrow.  My goal is to get all the body work finished tomorrow topped off with a couple coats of primer.  Then it will just be a matter of finding some time and space to roll it in for a fresh coat of paint.

The COBB AccessPort speed density tune should be coming up shortly.  Planning some time for the car to get tuned, and then pull the parts off to get polished.  The piping and intake will be re-routed a little bit as well to make it look a little more tidy.  Can’t wait to have the car idle well and pull like a freight train 🙂

I’m trying to focus my time on getting the Subaru back on the road before turning my attention back to the BatBerry.


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