Finally the TMBLER gets some paint!

On Sunday I decided.. hmm.. I think I’ll put the bumper back on.  Well that turned into a “Why don’t I just take the day and disassemble, paint, and reassemble the car”.  Let’s just say that Sunday turned into a long day with me coming back into the house around 10pm with a NASTY sun burn.

First up was tearing the car down.  This included removing any of the interior door panels, mirrors, handles, bumpers, fenders, hood, trunk, scoop etc. to get the car basically down to the unibody and doors.

Then began the long process of taping off the car and getting it ready to paint.  This always takes a long time to make sure that all moldings, windows, interior and everything is masked off.  And yes… I was painting the car outside and on the driveway 🙂

The good part about painting all of the parts separate from the car is that you can prep and spray the parts and then go back to taping off the car while you wait for the coat to dry. Then you just keep on repeating this process until you’re done.  I was lucky to have painted the bumpers and side skirt at the end of last year.

I was able to get all of the exterior reassembled once the paint dried except for attaching the rear bumper and side skirts.  I just got in now from putting the bumper back on, next will be the side skirts and interior.  I also need to fix up and paint the fuel door.

I wanted to make sure the car was in driving condition before it goes to get its speed density tune.


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