Parts are back from the Polisher

After getting the car put back together I wanted to make sure that I added some more of the shine back under the hood.  So far I haven’t gotten the speed density tune with COBB, but the polished parts are now back on the car.  Sami did another outstanding job! The pictures currently just show the filter connected to the turbo which won’t be the final configuration. The first picture doesn’t have the parts shined up and actually has a few water spots.  I also had my anodized fuel rails sanded down and polished to match.

A new intake pipe will be created that will tuck up close to the engine and run parallel with the intercooler pipe coming from the turbo.  I also had the intercooler pipe adjusted to tuck it as close to the engine as possible.

Once I get the speed density tune completed and the intake pipe finished/polished I’ll post up some more pictures. I also need to remove my side panels and give them a little bit of TLC and a fresh coat of paint.  Oh, and also fix up the inside of the hood 🙂


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