Made Some Intake Progress

On the drive back from the bike park I had some ideas on the intake pipe based on some 3″ polished SS tube that I had laying around. I managed to cut it to get the intake pipe angle to be the exact same as the intercooler pipe coming from the turbo.

I took some pictures with the existing filter just sitting on the pipe. The existing filter neck opening is too big because it was used on my Big MAF before. So I need to pick up a 3″ filter that has pretty much the same shape.

I also need to create a spot for the MAF housing on the underside of the intake tube.  Even though I’m going with a COBB speed density tune I’ll bee using the MAF sensor for its intake temperature sensor.  But since it won’t be metering air I can tuck it underneath the pipe in an upside down position.  I still need to do some final hose and wiring clean-up to get it looking the way I want, but it’s getting closer.

I found a machined aluminum MAF housing piece from the intercooler kit that I’ll be attaching to the stainless pipe.  Hopefully I’ll have that work completed tomorrow.  I also need to pull out my engine side covers to spruce them up a bit.  I’ll also be filling in the MAF sensor wiring hole that you can see on the passenger panel and instead run the wire up beside the engine to its new location on the intake pipe.  I’m also going to create a little section near the power steering tank so that I can run the power steering lines underneath the cover.

That should smooth out the whole passenger side to look like the drivers side without any holes or hoses.  Some fresh paint and fiberglass repair will have them looking like new 🙂


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