Finished the Intake Pipe

After some nasty drilling I was able to finally finish off the intake pipe.  For some reason my drill bits didn’t want to cut into the stainless steel pipe. Grrrrr….  I was able to secure the machined aluminum piece to the bottom of the pipe using some tape so that the plug would point in towards the engine.  This allowed me to mark the large opening that the MAF sensor slides into and then drill it out with a small hole saw.

I then drilled and tapped the two bolt holes to ensure that I could properly secure it to the pipe. Once that was all finished I pulled it apart and used some gasket maker to seal the two together before fastening the bolts back in place.

Since this is the underside of the pipe you don’t really see it at all and will work great as the intake temperature sensor for my COBB speed density tune.  I also ordered a filter exactly the same size as the one seen in the picture below but with the proper 3″ inlet.  It should be here in the next day or so.

Now that I won’t be using the MAF for measuring air going into the system, I’ll no longer need to plumb the system’s air back into the intake.  So I’ve decided to create myself a little vented catch can.  I haven’t started yet, but I have an extra overflow reservoir just like the one I’m using for the radiator overflow.  I’ll chop it down to size and and weld it back together again to create the reservoir size that I’m looking for.

That will be my next adventure 🙂


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