Car is Prepped for a Wrap

After a full week of disassembly and sanding, the WRX is now prepped for a wrap.  Why sand down the whole car you may ask?  Well about 6 years ago I painted the car with a textured paint.  Which was cool and unique, but left a finish on the car of about 80 grit sandpaper.

This created a great effect for the car and lots of people couldn’t believe it when they touched it, but it won’t work well for wrapping.  Essentially the car needed to get down to a smoothness for paint prep.  So now the entire machine has been sanded down to a smoothness with 320 grit final blocking.

During the process I’ve made a few changes to the car.  First I opted to go back to using a JDM STI hood scoop for the bugeye.  I also have added on a new lip that was designed for the 06-07 STI but with a little bit of trimming it fit my rally bumper really well.  I’ve also decided to go back to the OEM side skirts with front aeroguards and some underside side skirt extensions.

The engine bay is just about ready for some final prep work and then spraying. So a fresh new look for the car is getting closer 🙂



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