Back from Vacation

After a long time away from the car (work and vacation) I was back at it yesterday and today. I was able to get quite a bit done. The main project was getting the fuse box mounted and my front and driver’s side wiring harness all taken care of.

I also was able to pick up more -AN fittings for the fuel system… 3 of my 45’s are still on order… grrrrr..

Part of my order was some more -10AN and -12AN easy seal fittings in chrome finish. I was able to get these on my valve breathers, the “T” where they meet and both of my coolant lines going to the passenger compartment. I was also able to put on some rubber guarding for where the braided line snake through the intake manifold.

I was able to pick up a sealed ABS electrical junction box that I bolted to the sheet metal under the battery tray. Here is what it looked like before the carnage of the wiring and fuse box:

Then I had to do a little bit of trimming on the fuse box but it fit in there just fine. I used an old radiator hose to act as a conduit and grommet all in one to bring the wiring into the box. I’ll end up running a bead of silicone around the hose entrance to ensure a water tight seal. The lid of the box has a rubber seal that goes around the entire box.

Here’s what it looks like all sealed up. Lots of room for the fender, bumper and inner splash guard of the wheel well. The tennis ball prevents me from cracking my knee off of the sharp corner of the bumper beam

I should be picking up my chrome powder coated parts in the next couple of days so I hope to get the alternator, brackets and other fun stuff put back together shortly.

I’ve also picked up my supplies to mount my battery in the trunk. Battery tray, some bracket steel etc. I also picked up a power steering pump from an 06 WRX that will get an -AN fitting welded onto it for the feed. I also bought this pump so that I can run the Unorthodox Power Steering pulley

P&L Power Steering line is on the way as well. Things are starting to come together!


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