Braided Lines and Y-Block

I was able to get the final mock-up of the Intercooler pipes done and they should hopefully be going out tomorrow to be fabricated. I also ordered the rest of my fuel line -AN fittings and the P&L Braided Power Steering line. I had to make sure I ordered their one that is 4″ longer for stock turbo locations.

I’m heading out to Orlando for about 10 days (work & vacation), so I’m hoping to get a bunch of things ordered and dropped off at shops so I have everything I need to finish the car off when I get back. I should be able to pick up the items from the powder coater in the next couple of days too..

I finished the Y-block mount for the fuel return. I managed to mount it under the coolant tank and the bracket will get the same polish treatment as the other brackets.

I was also able to get the braided breather hose done. I tried a bunch of different ways of routing it, but I think the below pictures show what I have settled on. The tricky part will be making it not rub on the intake manifold.

I’ve also ordered some chrome ends for the hose. So there will be black hose ends where it meets the “T” and chrome ends on the hoses where they meet the breathers. That way there will be a contrast between the hose end and the black breather.


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